Mount Leuser National Park ( The Very Long Ridge Of Bukit Barisan Hills)

( Bukit Lawang,Kuta Cane ( South Esat Of Aceh ),Berastagi,Tangkahan, )

                          daily Bukit Lawang trek.
Sumatera Orang Utan ( Pongo Pygmaeus Abely ) Bukit Lawng Ordo
Orang Utan Legend of Asian, where the Asian people are ancestrall...
 Two days trek _Mount leuser National park Primary jungle 

Treking in Bukit Lawang ... Get more experiece about the wild jungle...//        
The unforgetable memory buy the jungle experien...

                             Three Days trek  Bukit Lawang in 
                            Mount LeuserNational Park through the wild jungle
The very dense of trofical rain forest where we still can find vary of folra and fa...

                           Five Days trekking in Bukit Lawang 
                          Through up the Jungle in to the wid.
Welcome....! for wonder world jungle......// The Bukit Lawang ,Gunung Leuser National park ( Home of Orang Utans ) The numerous of j...
       One week journey in Bukit Lawang 
                          Jungle Mount Leuser National Park
Young Orang Utan Live Together with their  mother Some of the wild jungle comunity "Orang Utan " Men Of The Forestor Jungle...

                     Three Days trek Bukit Lawang _
                      Berastagi Through The Jungle
Welcome to....Bukit Lawang...!! The Sumatera Tourist Object,..........and Posting.....// Bukit Lawang Things To See & Do  Orang U...
                       One day_ Three Days Rafting At:Wampu River,Asahan River